Top 11 Reasons You Need to Watch Less Television

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Photo credit: bigstock

Adults who watch considerable amounts of TV tend to die at a relatively young age, according to a new study.  

The study involved more than 13,000 adults in Spain, all of whom were college graduates, and about 37 years old when the study began. Subjects were followed for 8 years. During that time, there were 97 deaths. Those who were twice as likely to die? Those who watched more than three hours of television daily.

Researchers also found that the subjects total time spent sitting (including computer use, television time, or driving) were also linked to an increased risk of death during the time the study was in effect.

These findings held firm even after the scientists took into account other factors that could affect their subject’s risk of early death including smoking habits, daily calorie intake, body mass index, sex, age, physical activity level and whether their subjects tended to eat a Mediterranean diet. Sticking to a Mediterranean diet has been linked to a longer life.

The findings of this study strongly suggest that people should reduce their amount of sedentary activities, especially watching television, and get more physical activity in order to prevent premature death.

It’s interesting to note that when the researchers considered driving or computer use separately, these activities were not linked to early death, however, there should be future studies done to confirm the findings of this one study as the study began in 1999, before computer use was common.

Life is meant to be lived, friends, not watched from the sidelines. To get started living your best life, stop watching others live theirs on television. If this study is not enough to convince you to limit your television time, we have 11 more great reasons to get your to turn off the boob tube.

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