Top 11 Warnings Signs of Colorectal Cancer You Shouldn’t Ignore

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The signs and symptoms listed below have been mentioned by those who have experienced colorectal cancer. Although some of these can indicate other health problems, you should still consult with your physician.


1. Bathroom/Digestive Problems

Those who have been diagnosed with colon cancer will tell you that, in hindsight, they realize they were having problems, sometimes for years, but because some of these are embarrassing, or appeared to be something mild, they ignored them.

Some common problems experienced by those with colorectal cancer include:

  • Chronic gas
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Sometimes all three of the above, alternately
  • A feeling like you still have to “go” but can’t
  • “Pencil” stools (small, thin, stools about the size of pencils)
  • A diagnosis of IBS, colitis, or another type of bowel condition

Tumors and/or polyps in the large intestine or rectum narrow the lining or the opening out of the body, causing problems. Some people are given a diagnosis of IBS or some other bowel condition, only later to find out they actually had colorectal cancer.


2. Difficulty Passing Stools

Changes in your normal bathroom routine are always a cause for concern. You might feel as if you still have to go immediately after passing a stool. You might feel an urgent need to “go” but nothing happens and the feeling passes. If you suddenly strain to pass every stool, almost daily, then it’s time to visit your doctor.


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3. Bloody Stools

If you see blood on, or mixed in, with your stools, this is often a sign of colorectal cancer. Sometimes the blood is bright red, other times it appears almost black, and other people report that it is sometimes a mixture of blood and yellow-green mucus. You should see your doctor to have a stool sample analysis to eliminate the possibility of colon cancer.

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