Top 12 Christmas Foods You Must Avoid

Photo credit: bigstock

Photo credit: bigstock

4. Candy Canes

Candy canes might look very pretty on the Christmas tree, but they are a treat you should skip. If you think you are getting some healthy peppermint, almost all commercially made candy canes contain no peppermint, only artificial flavor. These cause tooth decay, plaque, and can give rise to acid reflux.


5. Christmas Ham

Unless this is an organic, fresh ham, most canned or processed hams contain tons of salt and are simply covered in a sugary/salted glaze. This is another food that greatly increases the acidity of your body and can cause acid reflux. Opt for turkey instead!


6. Fruit Cakes

OK, everyone makes fun of the lowly fruit cake, but perhaps there are plenty of good reasons not to eat one besides the unique taste. In order to keep them from spoiling, all the fruit is candied by “curing” them in heavy, creamy sugary syrup. These easily amp up your cholesterol levels and load up your body with tons of toxic sugar. Also, at about 366 calories for one small piece, this is a lot of calories to pay for something most people say they really don’t’ like anyway. Swap this for some fresh fruit drizzled with real maple syrup or raw, organic honey instead.

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