Top 12 Herbs to Give You Energy All Day Long

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7. Ashwagandha

Like gingko, this is one of the most popular herbs for improving energy available today. This herb is known to increase the body’s vitality, energy, endurance and vitality. Super well-known in Asia, but becoming popular in America, ashwagandha is believed to be effective at improving longevity as it supports the immune system as well.


8. Reishi Mushrooms

This is a powerful herb that not only improves your energy levels, it also kicks your immune system into high gear. Reishi mushrooms are known for promoting as sense of calm and well-being. Research shows that this mushroom has powerful substances that makes it effective against certain types of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, insomnia, asthma, hepatitis B, and it fights fatigue as well.


9. Cacao

Everyone has heard that chocolate is a good energy booster, but the active ingredient in chocolate that makes it a great energy booster is cacao. It’s the theobromine in cacao that stimulates the central nervous system of the body, similar to caffeine, but more effective. Instead of eating those sugar filled chocolate bars, look for cacao in your health food store.

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