Top 12 Herbs to Give You Energy All Day Long

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10. Licorice

Studies show that licorice regulates the production of hormones that your adrenal glands put out. These hormones are associated with physical and emotional stress. Stress can really zap your energy levels so consuming licorice will help get those hormones under control and increase your energy as well as your stamina levels.


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11. Maca

Native to the high Andes Mountains of Peru and Bolivia, this plant has been harvested and used for centuries. Maca is super for reducing fatigue, as well as improving endurance and energy levels. With more than 5 phytochemicals, maca has rejuvenating effects on the body. It is nutritionally dense and is a super food that gives super energy!


12. Gotu Kola

The dried leaves of gotu kola stimulate the blood circulation in the body and in clinical trials this has been shown to improve brain function, memory, as well as give tons of energy to the body.


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