Hey, Baby: Check Out the Top 12 Herbs That Improve Fertility

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Photo credit: bigstock.com

It used to be quite common for women to marry and have children in their early 20’s, but more and more couples are putting their careers and education first and having children later in life. This has led to an increase in fertility issues for many couples. Combined with today’s hectic and stressful lifestyle, you have much less natural conditions for conception to happen.

A great deal of people rely on vitro fertilization, but at about $20,000 bucks a pop, and an only 20 percent success rate, this method leaves a lot to be desired.

Why not let Mother Nature take care of things her way? There are a great many herbs that can help improve your chances of becoming pregnant, and these work. Not only do they have a terrific success rate, they are very inexpensive.

So before you try those more expensive options, check out the top 12 herbs known to improve fertility.


1. Stinging Nettle

One of the most recommended fertility herbs is stinging nettle. Rich in iron, it helps to normalize the menstrual cycle and bleeding. It also contains folic acid, which allows the proper division of cells. Stinging nettle promotes a healthy uterine environment, supports the proper function of the adrenal glands, and is high in vitamin K, all of which are necessary for both conception and birth. Find out more health benefits of using nettle.


2. Red Raspberry Leaf

Another very effective option is red raspberry leaf. This leaf tones the lining of the uterus. Take this herb for a minimum of 30 days before you try to conceive in order to give it time to work. You can maximize your chances of conceiving by combining this with another fertility herb such as stinging nettle or red clover. After you become pregnant, you can continue to consume red raspberry leaf to help stop morning sickness.


3. Red Clover

As mentioned above, when combined with another fertility herb, red clover is super effective. High in calcium, magnesium, and other vitamins, red clover helps to regulate the menstrual cycle and correct cervical mucus issues. Red clover will also help to detox your reproductive organs so conception becomes easier. Consume this as a tea, rather than a capsule or pill supplement, and its alkalizing compounds help to correct any hormonal imbalances that might be standing in the way of conception. Many women state that they became pregnant after consuming red clover tea two or three times per day for a few months.

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