Maca: Perhaps the Best Hormone Balancing Food on the Planet for Both Sexes!

Maca Roots

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Have you heard about maca? It’s a tuber that is sometimes called Peruvian Ginseng. The native people of Peru eat it almost daily. Maca looks something like a radish and is actually related to it. It only grows wild on at the highest elevations of the Andes Mountains. Maca can help balance hormones for both sexes, as well as completely reverse hypothyroidism. No, maca does not contain hormones, but rather, the nutrients that are needed to support our body’s normal hormone production. Read about other natural ways to regulate hormones.

In fact, maca has such powerful hormone creating properties that it is often used to increase fertility for those trying to have a baby. Both sexes consume maca and even if they had problems conceiving before, maca seems to work like magic. Please note maca should not be consumed while you are pregnant. Stop as soon as you confirm that you are pregnant.

Maca is also perfect for those who are suffering from adrenal fatigue, as it reduces stress hormones and gives the adrenals the nutrition they need.

Due to an overabundance of environmental estrogens, many people find that their hormones are out of whack. Maca will nourish the hypothalamus and stimulate the pituitary glands, which are something like the king of the gland world. Your pituitary and hypothalamus actually tell the other glands in your body how to operate. So when your hypothalamus and pituitary are in balance, then all your other glands will be in balance as well, including your pancreas, thyroid, ovaries, adrenals, and testicular glands.

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