Top 12 Herbs Known to Relieve Anxiety

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2. Ginkgo Biloba

Over the years there have been conflicting reports as to the effectiveness of this popular herb in fighting anxiety. There is plenty of research that shows that ginkgo biloba can greatly improve blood circulation to the brain, which often results in an improvement of moods and can lessen the effects of depression.

This herb has been widely used for centuries to treat a multitude of mental issues such as Alzheimer’s, depression, dementia, and Lyme disease. When testing the effectiveness of this herb, one study found that it did reduce a person’s stress and anxiety levels. By improving blood circulation to the brain, consumption of ginkgo biloba results in less confusion, clearer thinking, less depression, headaches, and feelings of anxiety. Ginkgo biloba is sold almost everywhere. You can buy it in capsule or tablet form, or even as a tea. Be sure to buy from a trusted brand that is known for high quality as some brands use ginkgo grow with pesticides.

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