Top 12 Most Effective Herbs for Hay Fever and Allergies

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7. Rosemary

The essential oils in rosemary can open up airways constricted by histamine production. Rosemary contains powerful anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antioxidant compounds. Rosemary essential oil is also a well-known anti-allergic substance. Keep a small bottle of rosemary essential oil in your purse or pocket and practice some aroma therapy three or four times each day, or as needed. You can also drink rosemary tea to fight inflammation from the inside out.


8. Reishi Mushroom

Often referred to as the King of mushrooms, or even the mushroom of immortality, reishi mushrooms are a powerful herb that have amazing benefits for our health. This mushroom has been used for untold centuries by both the ancient Japanese and Chinese for medicinal purposes. Researchers confirm that this mushroom is quite effective as an antihistamine. Reishi has large quantities of a compound called lanostan, which are Mother Nature’s antihistamine. Lanostan controls the release of certain chemicals in the body, which means it also controls the release of histamines. Find out benefits of reishi mushrooms for cancer treatment.


9. Butterbur

Butterbur has some researchers excited about its possibility as becoming the next big herbal supplement with tremendous promise due to its ability to prevent the swelling of airways. Butterbur contains leukotriene, which has inhibiting effects against most allergic reactions. Some studies have shown that the root of this herb is just as powerful as prescription drugs, such as Zyrtec, but does not cause daytime drowsiness.

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