Top 12 Natural Cancer Prevention Strategies

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One thing no one wants to hear at the doctor’s office is those dreaded words, “You have cancer.” Did you know that there are ways to drastically reduce your risk of developing cancer?

Many people only attempt to change their lifestyle after they have been given that diagnosis. You don’t have to wait until something terrible happens, take steps to change your lifestyle now and prevent cancer before it ever starts.

Here is a list of the top 12 all natural ways you can prevent cancer starting today!


1. Avoid Sugar and Carbs in Your Diet

Drastically reduce or, if possible, completely remove all processed foods from you diet.

This includes fructose and grain based foods. All forms of sugar, and especially high fructose corn syrup, actually feed cancer cells and allow them to grow uncontrolled. Cut off cancers food supply and you can, in effect, starve them to death.


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2. Stay Away from GMO’s

If you don’t know, GMO’s are genetically modified foods that are made from, and treated with, an unknown number of chemicals and pesticides, which are known carcinogens.

Since food sources don’t need to state that they are GMO look for labels that say for certain that they are NOT GMO’s.

Non-GMO foods will clearly say on the label GMO FREE or Non-GMO.

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3. Get Regular Exercise

Exercise lowers your insulin levels.

This means that your blood sugar is lower and this is bad news for cancer cells since they feed on sugar.

A 3 month study on immune cells found that exercise altered those cells into stronger disease fighting agents in people who had completed chemotherapy.

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4. Get Your Vitamin A

There have been studies that suggest that vitamin A can help prevent breast cancer.

The best way to get natural levels of vitamin A is from all natural foods, such as organic eggs, raw milk, and raw butter, rather than supplements.


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5. Use Curcumin

Curcumin is the active ingredient in turmeric and has been shown in research studies that high concentrations can help in the treatment of breast cancer.

It shows huge promise in preventing the metastasis of breast cancer as well.

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6. Reduce Your Exposure to Radiation

Protect yourself when possible or just plain old limit how much radiation you are exposed to on a daily basis from cell phone, your Wi-Fi signals, base stations, mammograms, even your dental x-rays.

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7. Look at Your Food Preparation

For the best health possible, as well as lowering your cancer risk, try to eat at least one third of your food raw.

Don’t fry or charbroil your food, steam, poach, or boil it instead.

Also, add those foods that are known cancer fighters, such as broccoli and curcumin, to your daily diet.

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8. Avoid Hormone Replacement Therapy

Breast cancer is a cancer that is related to the amount of estrogen in your body.

In a recent study done at the National Cancer Institute showed that the rate of breast cancer dropped at the same time women began decreasing their use of hormones.

The risks are similar for women who are using oral birth control pills as they, too, use synthetic hormones and have been linked to breast cancer as well as cervical cancer. 


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9. Avoid Unfermented Soy

Unfermented soy is naturally high in plant estrogens.

Some studies have shown that soy appears to work with natural estrogen to increase the cells within the breast, which also means it increases your chances for those cells to mutate and turn into cancer.

However, naturally fermented soy is a great way to prevent cancer.


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10. Manage Your Stress

Stress, in all its forms, is a major underlying cause to many diseases, including cancer.

The CDC agrees with this philosophy, stating that perhaps as much as 85 per cent of all disease is emotionally based.

Stress and underlying, unresolved emotional problems are just as much, if not more, important than physical issues.

Try yoga or meditation as means of releasing or managing your stress.

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11. Get Your Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a great way to reduce your risk of cancer and the most natural source in the world is right outside your door; the sun!

Get plenty of safe exposure to natural sunlight or use supplements if this is not possible.

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12. Avoid Toxin

Reduce your exposure to the harmful carcinogens that are in your own home.

Throw out those household cleaners, synthetic air fresheners, pesticides, and artificially scented products.

Use all natural cleaners and other methods for pest control than to expose you and your family to dangerous toxins.

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