Top 12 Chemicals in Your Home that are Screwing with Your Hormones

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If you don’t know already, your body’s hormones control just about everything you feel, think, and how your body operates. What if someone were to tell you that there were things, chemicals, in your environment that were messing with them? Interrupting your hormones, mimicking them, altering how your body functions? What would you do with that type of information? Like most people, you would probably pitch those things out in the trash.

Well, friends, that is exactly what is happening in our lives right now. Toxins and chemicals are everywhere and, although you can’t avoid them entirely, you can remove the ones you have the most contact with and keep them out of your home and/or office.

Here is a list of the top 12 chemicals that are the absolute worst at screwing with your hormones.


1. Mercury

You already know that there are really no “safe” levels when it comes to mercury, but the problem with mercury is that it’s already in so many things that it’s impossible to avoid entirely, but you can lower your exposure level.  Avoid most large fish, such as swordfish and tuna.

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An interesting note here is that 147 nations have signed a pledge to reduce pollutants that contain mercury, including Mexico and Canada, but not the USA. Why is that?

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