Top 12 Chemicals in Your Home that are Screwing with Your Hormones

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If you don’t know already, your body’s hormones control just about everything you feel, think, and how your body operates. What if someone were to tell you that there were things, chemicals, in your environment that were messing with them? Interrupting your hormones, mimicking them, altering how your body functions? What would you do with that type of information? Like most people, you would probably pitch those things out in the trash.

Well, friends, that is exactly what is happening in our lives right now. Toxins and chemicals are everywhere and, although you can’t avoid them entirely, you can remove the ones you have the most contact with and keep them out of your home and/or office.

Here is a list of the top 12 chemicals that are the absolute worst at screwing with your hormones.


1. Mercury

You already know that there are really no “safe” levels when it comes to mercury, but the problem with mercury is that it’s already in so many things that it’s impossible to avoid entirely, but you can lower your exposure level.  Avoid most large fish, such as swordfish and tuna.

Read more about the unhealthiest “healthy” foods ever.

An interesting note here is that 147 nations have signed a pledge to reduce pollutants that contain mercury, including Mexico and Canada, but not the USA. Why is that?

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2. Teflon

Yes, we are talking about your pots and pans.

PFC’s are what make your pans nonstick but perfluorinated chemicals, besides being almost impossible to biodegrade, mess with your hormones and can lead to lower birth weights.

Skip the Teflon pans and use cast iron.

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3. Perchlorate

Yep, that’s an ingredient in rocket fuel.

Unfortunately, it’s found in so many places now, including your groundwater. Perchlorates are bad news for your thyroid, which means your metabolism won’t act like it should.

Protect yourself by filtering your drinking water and supplying your body with a good iodine intake.

Find out what is in your water.

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4. Glycol Ethers

This is commonly found house paint and sometimes household cleaners.

This chemical has been linked to a lower sperm count.

When you are getting ready to paint check that your selections does not include the chemicals EGBE or DEGME. 

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5. BPA

Bisphenol A, aka BPA, is found in many, many plastics, and the lining of tin cans that are used for food.

Research shows that BPA can lower sperm count, obesity, miscarriage, and has other harmful effects on the human reproductive system. Over exposure has been linked to various cancers and immune system malfunction.

Avoid those thermal receipts from grocery stores and the plastic recycling codes 3 and 7, as those numbers indicate that those products contain BPA.

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6. Lead

Again, this is a chemical everyone knows is deadly but it’s still found in many places in America.

If you own or are refinishing an older house, be extremely careful when removing old paint and wear both a mask and gloves to protect yourself.

Also, since it is sometimes found in groundwater, use a good quality filter for your drinking water.

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7. Arsenic

Wait, you are probably saying right now, there can’t be arsenic in my home, that’s poisonous!

Although everyone knows that arsenic is poisonous, it is in the nation’s food and water supply.

Eat only organic meats and, again, use a high quality water filter to remove arsenic from your drinking water.

Read about products allowed in the USA but banned around the world.

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8. Atrazine

Wow, more unwanted chemicals in our water. Atrazine is a commonly used pesticide that has made its way into the groundwater.

Atrazine has been known to cause the chemical castration of frogs, and cause tumors in humans.

Eat organic foods and use that water filter for your health’s sake.

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9. Organophospate Pesticides

Believe it or not, this use to be a chemical weapon designed by the Nazi’s of Germany! Now it is used mainly as a pesticide.

Although this chemical hasn’t received as much media attention as some other dangerous chemicals, early research has shown a link between these chemicals and a neurotoxic effect in children.

Eat organic and avoid exposing yourself to these types of dangerous pesticides. 

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10. Fire Retardants

(PBDEs) This is another chemical that has made its way into the earth and our groundwater.

They cause serious thyroid problems, and other reproductive organ changes.

Again, since these are everywhere, the best you can do is to eat organic produce and use a water filter every time for your drinking water.

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11. Phthalates

This chemical is found in many plastics and beauty products such as lotions and creams.

Since phthalates destroy the cells in your immune system, throw out any beauty product that you find contain phthalates.

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12. Dioxins

You’ve probably heard this word tossed around in the media. This is a group of deadly chemicals that are found the world over as a result of manufacturing, as well as naturally occurring in nature.

Dioxins damage the immune system, cause skin lesions, and even cause damage to your liver!

You are mainly exposed through the consumption of animal products so limit your meat intake to reduce your exposure to these deadly toxins.