Top 12 Things That Are Killing Your Immune System

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It’s the height of the flu season. Are you prepared? If you are smart you are going to skip that toxic, chemical-laden flu shot and simply boost up your immune system. Many people think, however, that they are doing all the right things to stay fit and healthy, and then are completely shocked when they get hit with a nasty case of the flu.

You might be stomping all your over immune system and not even know it. It’s the little things that often trip us up. Now of course everyone is different. Some people seem born with a super strong immune system and others seem to have to give theirs a little TLC. If you are constantly coming down with every little bug that comes around, if you are tired more than you think you should be, you could have a compromised immune system, even if you think you are eating right and getting regular exercise.

Keep reading and see if you are guilty of stomping all over your immune system with one of these 12 habits and foods that can weaken your first line of defense:


1.  Sugar

The average American diet is so loaded with sugar that it’s not surprising that diabetes rates are at an all-time high. It’s true that avoiding all sugar is very difficult, but everyone can drastically reduce their sugar intake with very little work and it can really pay off in a number of ways. Most people find that when they get off that sugar train, they lose weight without trying, and have a great deal more energy. Studies show that consuming even small amounts of sugar greatly reduces your white blood cell count. Your white blood cells are responsible for killing off many pathogens in your body. Read food labels, cook from scratch, and avoid sugar as much as possible for a better immune system starting tomorrow! Find out how to give up sugar in 9 steps.


2. Antibiotics

Although antibiotics can be a life saver on occasion, they should only be taken when absolutely necessary. Avoid factory-farmed meats, as most of these contain antibiotics that, over time, weaken your immune system. Consume plenty of fermented foods, yogurt, and probiotics to increase the population of healthy bacteria in your digestive system.


3. Excessive Alcohol Consumption

You might think that tying one on every weekend is only bad for your liver, but excessive drinking has more disadvantages than you can imagine. For now, let’s just talk about what it can do to your immune system. First, alcohol deprives your body of nutrition, including nutrients that support your immune system. Second, alcohol reduces the number of white blood cells in your body and weakens the ones you do have. Excessive alcohol suppresses the ability of these blood cells to multiply. It also stops their ability to kill off cancer cells. Numerous studies show that one drink does not seem to harm the immune system, more three or more certainly do. Damage to your immune system increases as your alcohol consumption increases. Limit yourself to one drink per day for women and two per day for men. Also, stop binge drinking on the weekends.

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