Top 15 Benefits and Uses of Horsetail

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Photo credit: bigstock

6. Helps with skin problems

The antiseptic, silica, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant nature of horsetail give it the ability to cure wounds, burns, acne, skin lesions, and skin rashes. Silica is known to form collagen, which is an important factor for the growth and care of healthy connective tissues in the body. For this reason, horsetail is often used in anti-wrinkle and antiaging cosmetics and creams. Consuming horsetail tea regularly would allow its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory actions to delay premature again and alleviate inflamed or irritated skin. You can kill acne by soaking a cotton ball in horsetail tea and rubbing it over your face every night before bed. Be sure to avoid the eyes. Read more about 4 groups of food that give you balanced hormones and great skin.


7. Helps with Edema

Few studies show that horsetail can have a diuretic effect on the body and can help it produce more urine. Horsetail is also rich in minerals and while helping the body produce more urine, replaces lost minerals due to more frequent urination. Horsetail has been approved by the German Commission E for use as a diuretic for edema. Try taking horsetail extract or drinking tea twice per day for 8 weeks to reduce fluid build -up in the body. This is especially helpful for those with edema.


8. Stops bleeding

Horsetail can minimize or even stop both internal and external bleeding, including excessive menstruation. The anti-inflammatory nature of horsetail can stop the discomfort caused by inflammation and provide relief from the pain of wounds, injuries, and menstrual cramps. Drink horsetail tea two or three times per day.


9. Antimicrobial

Horsetail is a great antimicrobial and can fight against specific strains of fungi and germs. Studies done in 2006 show that horsetail kills E. coli, staphylococcus aureus, pseudomonas aeruginosa, and salmonella enteritis’s.


10. Stops osteoporosis

Horsetail has a large blend of calcium that is already being used in Italy to help stop fractures and improve bone strength, while studies show that it can have a huge impact on bone density. This is probably due to the high amount of silicon in this herb. Several studies have shown that silicon intake is linked to great bone density in both men and premenopausal women.

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