Top 15 Health Benefits That Come From this One Super Delicious Herb

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6. Garlic can prolong your life

Of course, trying to prove longevity is almost impossible, however, when you consider that garlic has such beneficial effects, such as lowering blood pressure, lowering cholesterol, fighting off disease, protecting your brain and heart from chronic disease, is a pretty safe bet to say that garlic can help extend your life.


7. Garlic improves athletic performance

As we mentioned earlier, garlic is perhaps the oldest performance enhancer. Studies done with rat’s show that garlic helps improve exercise performance, but very few studies have been done involving humans.

One study showed that subjects with heart disease who took a garlic oil supplement for 6 weeks had a reduction in their optimum heart rate by 12 percent and improved their overall capacity for exercise. Other studies have shown that garlic reduces exercise induced fatigue.

So if you would like to do better at the gym, and have more energy afterwards, adding garlic supplements to your diet would be a great idea.


8. Garlic can help diabetics

Eating garlic, or taking garlic supplements, can help regulate blood sugar levels. Garlic improves the level of insulin in the blood and this can help diabetics. Ask your doctor of garlic can help your condition.


9. Garlic can help stop infection

When garlic is crushed, it releases a compound called alllicin. Alllicin is a sulfur compound that is a natural antibiotic that can help stop infections. During World War One, soldiers in the field used crushed garlic directly on infected wounds to fight infection. Should you decide to take garlic supplements, be certain you use powdered capsules. The process of making tablets destroys the benefits of alllicin. Read more how garlic kicks infection.


10. Garlic can prevent several types of cancer

Studies have shown that garlic can reduce the size of cancerous tumors in the stomach, colon, breast, bladder, and prostate.

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    Nov 18, 2014 at 8:59 pm

    This article encourages the consumption of garlic for health benefits, and yet one can easily find articles where garlic consumption is discouraged because it causes health issues. Would the author of the NaturalOn article please comment on the validity of reports that garlic should be avoided? Path to one example article is below. Looking for some guidance here – Thanks!,ai.html#.VGuvjWdw2nA