Top 15 Houseplants That Clean The Air And Relieve Stress

Aloe vera plant

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11. Mums and Tulips

There is nothing better at beating the blues and cleaning the air at the same time than some beautiful flowering houseplants. Mums bloom from late summer through the fall, and tulips, of course, bloom during the spring. Both of these are terrific at removing formaldehyde from the air. Of course, flowering plants will take more work. They need regular feeding and watering, and both of these love cooler temperatures (about 65 degrees). Of course, should they die, you can always toss them and get another bunch at your local hardware store or nursery. These were not on NASA’s list, of course, but who can feel down when you have beautiful, living flowers inside your home?


12. Golden Pothos

Similar to philodendron, you have probably seen these popular houseplants around. Although they only remove moderate amounts of formaldehyde, these plants will live through just about anything short of putting them in the food processor! Golden Pothos seem to thrive on neglect and come right back to life whether you forget to water them all summer or your 2-year-old feeds them a gallon of water every day for a week. Pothos grow in low light and enjoy cool temperatures. If you want a houseplant that is virtually kill-proof but will still clean the air, this is the one for you.


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13. Snake Plants

Also called Mother-In-Laws Tongue, NASA found this spikey plant terrific at absorbing and removing nitrogen oxides as well as formaldehyde from indoor air. Snake plants don’t need a great deal of light or even very much water to survive. One of the cool things about snake plants is that they absorb carbon dioxide during the day and release it during the night (the opposite of many other plants) so add one of these to your bedroom for a clean air boost all night long!


14. Janet Craigs

You might have seen these plants around but thought they were a rubber plant. They do look similar and have similar qualities. These need almost no sunlight and will often thrive simply by being in a brightly lit office. They need very little water, and if you remember to fertilize them once a year, it will be enough. Many people do not find these plants very pretty, but when it comes to cleaning the air, they are a super formaldehyde remover, making them perfect plants for the office.


15.  Corn Plants

Corn plants, sometimes called a Dragon Tree, require very little care and look absolutely stunning in the right setting. These are low light plants that are known to clean the air and are safe around children and pets. They can grow to be quite tall, however, so choose an appropriate container. Corn plants only need watering about once a week, so these low maintenance plants are a great choice if you have a busy schedule.

Some of these are on the NASA list and others are not, but all will remove indoor air pollution and make your home a nicer place to live.


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