Top 15 Most Powerful Medicinal Plants

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2. Marigold

You might only think of these as pretty fall flowers for your garden, but marigolds can be used for cooking and add some beautiful color to summertime salads. Marigold is great for many different skin conditions and can even reduce the appearance of scars. Marigold flowers are often used as a tea to get almost instant relief from fevers and to stop swelling. A tincture of marigold is perfect for helping to heal burns and cuts while offering pain relief at the same time.

Many people state that marigold tea helps to stop headaches as well as allergies. It improves the overall condition of the skin and you shouldn’t be surprised to see it listed as an ingredient in many skin lotions and creams.

Marigolds are one of several herbs that are well-known for treating eye inflammation as well as stopping eye infections. It has anti-spasmodic compounds, so drinking the tea can help stop those painful menstrual cramps. Marigolds are sometimes referred to as calendula: same flower, different name, same health benefits!

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