Top 15 Signs You Are Not As Healthy As You Think (#4 Is Really Surprising!)

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7.  Your Eyes are Not White

The whites of your eyes should be exactly that: white. Okay, sometimes they can be a bit bloodshot from lack of sleep or excessive alcohol, but if they are suddenly a yellow color, you could have liver problems, gallbladder problems or even jaundice. If they are excessively red or bloodshot frequently no matter how much you sleep, you could have hypertension or a viral disease of the eye.


8. Red Face

Most people get a red face when they are angry or embarrassed, but if you get rosy cheeks that don’t go away, you might have rosacea, a chronic skin disease. This generally affects women more than men, but either way it should be checked out by a doctor or dermatologist.


9. Chapped Lips

Everyone gets chapped lips from time to time due to sun, cold, or wind but if you constantly have cracked lips, plus sores on the inner part of the lips, you could suffer from a deficiency of vitamins such as zinc or vitamin B. You might also have a fungal infection of the lips. If chapstick or coconut oil is not curing your chapped lips, see a doctor.

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  1. Marvin Zinn

    Aug 24, 2017 at 7:39 am

    WOW! Based on this list, I must be healthier than I thought, considering doctors expected me dead already four times. Currently I have prostate cancer I reduced with herbs and it does not bother me.