Top 15 Things You Can Do Today To Prevent Cancer From Striking Tomorrow

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Everyone is looking for ways to beat cancer. Did you know that a full third of the more than 1.5 million cases of cancer that people develop each year could have been prevented? According to the American Institute of Cancer Research, by adopting a healthier lifestyle, most people can prevent cancer from developing.

Cancer occurs when the cells in your body become damaged due to bad habits, causing them to mutate. Many factors initiate damage to the genes, but they are mainly due to poor diets, exposure to cancer-causing chemicals, and bad habits such as smoking.

By taking a proactive stance, you can prevent cancer from developing and save your life.

Find out the top 15 things you can start doing today to prevent cancer from developing tomorrow.


1. Work to Eat a Healthy Diet Instead of Relying on Supplements

Unfortunately, too many people in America believe that they can eat whatever they like, as long as they pop that multi-vitamin in the morning. The truth is that the absolute best source of nutrition is through whole, natural foods — not supplements. Don’t rely on those “fortified” foods, either. Anything that needs to be reinforced with synthetic vitamins or minerals means the original nutritional content was removed via processing, or the food never had any nutrition to start. Marketing geniuses try to convince the public that their lousy food is somehow healthy because they “fortified” it with some synthetic chemical vitamins. Don’t fall for it. Supplements can be a great addition for some people in certain situations, but don’t rely on them to replace a healthy diet.

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