Top 20 Anti-Cancer Herbs and Plants

Aloe vera plant

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5. Aloe Vera

You might only think of aloe vera as being therapeutic for burns or skin irritations, but there have been very promising treatments using aloe vera for the treatment of certain types of cancer. A review of aloe vera showed an extensive amount of data from the literature regarding dermatology studies as well as clinical trials that supports trying aloe vera in clinical trials.

Aloe vera has been around for centuries, with the earliest known references to its medicinal use being from the ancient Egyptians, who also used it for skin problems.

Aloe vera contains a compound called 1.8 dihydroxy-3 (hydroxymethyl) – anthraquinone (AE for short) which has been proven to cause cell death amount human bladder cancer cells. AE has impressive anticancer effects. It stops cell viability as well as stopping the G2/M of the cell lifecycle.

Aloe vera, when taken in larger quantities or over a long period of time, is a powerful laxative and care should be taken not to become dehydrated. Always speak to your doctor as herbalist if you plan to consume aloe vera orally.

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