Top 20 Useful Ways to Recycle and Reuse those Old Tea Bags

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First off, let’s get one thing out of the way: this article is not about Republicans and you don’t have to be British to be a tea lover. Almost everyone knows that health benefits of drinking tea: it reduces stroke risk, fights cancer, and revitalizes the cells in your body, but did you know that those old tea bags are terrific for a multitude of other purposes? Many people dump them in their compost pile, and that’s a good idea, but there is so much more!

So don’t throw out those old tea bags! Keep reading for the top 20 ways you can get more bang for your tea buck. Its tea time everyone!


1. Get Rid of Grey Hair

You don’t have to make an expensive trip to the salon or use those smelly, messy DIY at home kits; all you need is a little tea. Make your own natural hair dye by using tea and some herbs from Mother Nature. In one cup of boiling water, place 3 teabags, along with one tablespoon of fresh or dried sage and rosemary. Let this mixture sit overnight. Squeeze the teabags to get all the tea out, and then strain this mixture. Simply shampoo your hair as usual, and then pour this mixture over your hair. Be sure that you saturate your hair and that you have covered all the grey areas. Don’t get this mixture on your clothes or towels as it will stain. Don’t rinse it out either. Use a dark colored towel to dry your hair. You might need to do this two or three more times, depending on your level of gray hair and your original hair color.


2.  Rust Proof Cast Iron Pans

If you love your cast iron pots and pans but not the rust they sometimes collect, we have the solution. Take your slightly damp used tea bag and rub that pot or pan with it. Be sure you cover the entire area very well. The tannins in tea coat the pan and prevent oxidation, which prevents rust.


3. Great Floor Cleaner

Tea as a floor cleaner? You bet! Especially if you have wood floors. Make a weak tea by using previously used tea bags. Allow to cool, and then mop your floors with it. You can also use it for unpainted wood furniture too. Test this on a small area first to be sure it won’t stain.


4. Heal and Soothe Sunburns

If you overdid the fun in the sun and got painful sunburn, simply apply some of those cool, wet, used tea bags to the affected area. This will take out the sting and help it to heal faster. If you sunburned a large area, then put those used tea bags in a warm bath and soak in the tub.


5. Drain a Boil

If you have one of those painful boils, don’t lance it and risk infection; simply cover the boil with a wet, used tea bag overnight. The boil should drain naturally without the pain of lancing.

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