Top 20 Vinegar Life Hacks (Try #12 Tonight!)

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Most people think that vinegar is only something in pickles, but the truth is, vinegar is a combination of acetic acid and water that is probably the most well-known but underappreciated liquid in the world. Plain white vinegar has hundreds of scientific, medicinal, and household uses that can make your everyday routine anything but ordinary. White vinegar is very cheap, available everywhere, and completely harmless!

Using white vinegar in place of those harsh (and expensive) household cleaners is a great way to save some serious bucks and do your share to keep the environment greener. Check out our top 20 life hacks that involve using vinegar and see what a difference it can make in your life!


1.  Got Nasty Air?

If you have a room that is just really stinky from pain fumes, cigarette smoke, pet odor, you name it, all you need is a bit of vinegar. Just pour some vinegar in a bowl, put it in the room and leave it there for a couple of hours. If the room is really large or if it is extra stinky, put two or three bowls in there. Vinegar will absorb the odors in just a few hours, almost like magic. Dump the old vinegar down the drain for a fresher smelling drain as well!


2.  Ditch the Iron

Well, maybe you should hold on to it. If you want your clothes to be smooth and presentable, but you don’t have time or don’t want to bust out that ironing board, let simple vinegar do the trick. Hang up your piece of clothing. Pour 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water into a spray bottle. Spritz the wrinkled clothes and let them air dry. In 10 or 15 minutes, you will find that those wrinkles are gone and you have some pretty awesome looking duds!


3. Carpet Odors

Did your new puppy leave you a little gift on the carpet? Simply pour half a cup of undiluted vinegar onto the stinky spot and let it air dry. This will kill the smell and make it easier to clean any leftover stain. This works well in cars, also, if someone got a bit too nauseous.


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4.  Trash Can Cleaner

Sometimes, no matter how carefully you package the trash, little leaks and bit of food find their way to the bottom of the trash can and start to make an unbelievable stink, especially during the hot summer months. No one wants to wash out those huge trash cans! If you have a bit of vinegar and a piece of bread on hand, you won’t have to! Soak a piece of bread in some vinegar and put it on top of a paper towel on the bottom of the trash can. Let it sit overnight. Remove the bread and paper towel in the morning and simply rinse with a hose. Super easy!


5. Keep It Clear

Is there anything more annoying than a sink or bathtub drain that backs up?  Don’t run down to the grocery or hardware store and buy some of that toxic stuff in a jug. All you probably need is a bit of vinegar and baking soda. Boil two cups of water and pour one cup of it down that clogged drain. Follow that with a half a cup of baking soda and wait about 2 minutes, then mix one cup of vinegar with the remaining hot water and pour that down the drain too. Wait 10 minutes, and then flush with hot water for about 3 to 5 minutes. This should work like a charm and is completely non-toxic!

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