Top 21 Unique And Creative Ways To Use Baby Powder Around Home

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Think baby powder is only for those who have babies? Not true! Everyone loves the smell of baby powder and it can actually do so much more than stop diaper rash. In fact, there are so many different uses for baby powder, you might be a bit shocked when you read this list.

Baby powder really is a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to being helpful with those little things around the house and making life just a bit easier. Baby powder is also super inexpensive (especially generic brands). If the smell alone isn’t enough to make you want to keep some around, you will want to keep reading. Check out our list of the top 21 unique ways to use baby powder.


1. Natural Car Deodorizer

Are you tired of paying $3 to $5 for those car air fresheners that only work for a few days? Try baby powder! Put some baby powder in a deep box with no lid and place it under one of the seats. It’s OK if it spills; it vacuums up easily and is non-toxic to your kids or pets. Replace as needed. Baby powder is inexpensive, so even if you replace this every weekend after you wash your car, you won’t break the bank.


2.  Protect Your Flower Bulbs

When you buy new spring flower bulbs, take just a minute to dust them with baby powder. Baby powder will help to ward off moles, grubs, voles, and gophers from making your bulbs an afternoon snack. It will also protect the bulbs from mildew and rot. You can place a few bulbs in a Ziploc bag with a few tablespoons of baby powder and shake well. Alternately, you can place about a teaspoon of baby powder in the dirt when you plant your bulb. Many expert gardeners use baby powder to help protect their bulbs.


3. Anti-Ant Powder

Ants won’t cross over baby powder! So keep them away from your picnic by sprinkling a line around your table or blanket. This is a great alternative to using dangerous and toxic pesticides.

To keep them out of your house, sprinkle a line around the perimeter of your house, across window panes, the thresholds of doors, under basement windows, or anyplace where ants tend to get into your house. If it rains or gets wet, you will need to replace it, but baby powder is so cheap, you won’t care.


4. Cool Those Sheets

Soft cotton sheets on your bed feel so nice on those hot summer nights, don’t they? But what about those nights that are so hot even the sheets feel warm? You don’t have to suffer with those hot sheets, simply sprinkle a little bit of baby powder on those sheets and you will enjoy a much cooler feeling night. It doesn’t take much; just a sprinkle all over will do the trick. This is also a great way to make a guest bed super inviting and fresh smelling.


5. Make a Dry Shampoo

When you don’t have time to wash your hair for whatever reason but your hair is looking a little greasy, baby powder is a terrific dry “shampoo.” It will absorb the oil and leave your hair smelling super fresh. Sprinkle just a bit on your brush and brush through you hair. You can also try sprinkling just a little bit on the oily parts of your hair, allow it to sit for a minute, then shake out the excess and brush as you normally would. This works best on blondes and grey hairs. If you have auburn hair, add a touch of cocoa powder to the baby powder to make it less noticeable. Redheads can probably get away with a bit of cinnamon. Your hair will look, and smell, as if you just washed it and get you by until your next shower.

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