Top 21 Unique And Creative Ways To Use Baby Powder Around Home

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6. Easily Untangle Necklaces

Did you put some of your necklaces in a bag or purse and now they are just one big knot? It can take forever to untangle them and you need to do so carefully so you don’t break them. Well, the next time this happens to you, simply reach for that bottle of baby powder. Sprinkle it over the knotted parts and be sure that you get it into all the little crevices and nooks. Now when you try to undo that tangle, you will find that the powder not only loosened the knot, it makes the chains just seem to slip apart.


7. Prevent Chafing

If you like to run or exercise in the hot summer months, or if you live in a location where it’s frequently hot and humid, chafing is sometimes a problem. You can stop chafing right in its tracks and even prevent future outbreaks by rubbing baby powder into any area that tends to get chafe before you go exercise or run. Baby powder will reduce the sweating and eliminate friction, keeping your skin smooth and dry.


8. Pet Shampoo

If you think baby powder works great as a dry shampoo for humans, imagine what it can do for your pet! If you want to freshen up your pet between grooming sessions, or if you haven’t had time to actually give them a proper bath, baby powder can work wonders. Just rub a handful or two into their fur (depending on their size). Allow it to sit for a few minutes, and then brush it out. Baby powder will absorb oil and make them look freshly washed. To top it all off, it will make them smell great.


9. Perfect Sand Remover

If you are planning a beach vacation, or if you live near the beach, you should get in the habit of putting a bottle of baby powder in your beach bag. Just before you head back home or before you get in the car, sprinkle those sand covered feet, arms, and legs with baby powder. Wait just a few minutes, and then brush it off with a dry towel. Baby powder will make it much easier to remove that sand before it gets into the car or into your living room carpet.


10. Ease the Pain of Waxing

If you are a self-waxer, you can ease some of the pain from waxing by applying some baby powder first. Simply apply some to your legs, for example, before you apply the wax. Baby powder will absorb moisture, which not only allows the wax to work better; it will protect your skin. Using baby powder will leave your skin smoother, less red, and less painful.

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