Top 35 Alkaline Foods To Naturally Balance Your pH (A Must Remember List!)

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3. Tomatoes

Is there anything tomatoes cannot do? Numerous studies link them to a healthy heart, a longer life, and a lower rate of several types of cancer. No wonder Italian food is so popular! Tomatoes might seem acidic, but they turn alkaline once they are consumed. Bring back spaghetti night, and enjoy the high antioxidant content in tomatoes, as well as their alkaline benefits.


4. Artichokes

Artichokes are sometimes used as more of a garnish or sometimes in a vegetable dip, but these make a terrific meal all by themselves. Artichokes are super alkaline forming, as well as being a terrific source of antioxidants. Artichokes help the liver cleanse itself and improve overall digestion. They might take a few extra minutes to peel, but artichokes are full of flavor and worth the trouble.


5. Thyme

Yes, now is the time to add more thyme to your meals! This spice is alkaline-forming while having a wide variety of health benefits. Thyme has long been used for medicinal purposes, including purifying the respiratory system. Thyme is considered by many to be a “super” spice that not only enhances the flavor of your foods, but has antioxidants and nutrients all in one little spice jar.


6. Asparagus

Asparagus is not only super delish, but it is one of the most alkalizing foods around. If you were to rank foods according to their alkaline abilities, asparagus would be right near the top of the list. This veggie also has detoxing abilities, antioxidants, and tons of nutrients. Asparagus has been noted by many to have powerful anti-aging benefits.


7. Sweet Potatoes

Most people believe that anything starchy must be acid-forming, but this isn’t entirely true. Although many starchy foods ARE acid-forming, sweet potatoes are an exception to the rule. It’s not so much the food, as how the body breaks it down once consumed. There are so many reasons to eat more sweet potatoes but for the sake of this list, all you really need to know is that these vitamin A rich, antioxidant power houses are alkaline-forming in the body.

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  1. Tony Kelly

    Mar 17, 2016 at 7:25 am

    The photo that you have used on the front of the top 35 alkaline foods is misleading and a typical advertising ploy as ripe bananas is not on the list yet you have chosen to put it in the visual display. That is unethical and wrong to do that.