Top 4 Natural Ways to Avoid Cancer

Pink Badge On Woman Chest To Support Breat Cancer Cause

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It’s October and you know what that means. You will see tons of pink everything, from soccer balls to necklaces, along with those every present fundraisers, to help us recognize the ever increasing problem of breast cancer in America. Plastic coated cards are passed out for a donation that explains how to examine yourself in the shower because, as they will tell you over and over, knowing the early signs is your best chance for survival.

Well, that’s not entirely true. This reactive approach misses the best advice anyone can offer and that is, if you truly want to avoid cancer (and who doesn’t?) then prevention is your best chance for survival, isn’t it?

Nearly two million Americans every year will be diagnosed with cancer. One in three people will have a cancer diagnosis at some point in their lives. And despite the countless hours of research and the billions of dollars spent looking for a cure, Western medicine is no closer to finding a cure, let alone a preventative. Why? Because cancer is a dream come true for Big Pharmacy and the medical profession. Cancer is big business, friends.

Think about it. Anytime you hear of anyone using some natural means to cure their cancer, Western medicine is quick to point fingers and yell “Quack!” Instead of quack, try substituting that word with “competition”, because that’s more truthful.

Currently, it’s illegal for any product, food, herb, or essential oil to say that it “cures” anything but medications are frequently advertised on television, freely stating that they “cure” all kinds of diseases or health problems, even though they might have life threatening side effects!

Mother Nature has put a cure for everything on this planet. Humans have either forgotten which plants cure certain things or the information has been suppressed by modern medicine. The medical and pharmaceutical companies will never get rich selling you herbs or pushing a healthy diet on you, so you will never hear them speak of these things. There is simply no money in it!

Imagine what would happen if a “cure” was suddenly found? For Big Pharm, it would be like shooting the goose that lays the golden eggs!

The prevention of cancer is the best tool you will ever have and there are so many simple things you can do to accomplish exactly that. When you have a strong, healthy immune system, there is nothing that can touch you for long, and that includes cancer. You can keep a strong, healthy immunes system with these four easy and completely natural methods. Don’t wait until you have cancer to start this lifestyle change, take preventative measures today!


1. Avoid Toxins

First, stop putting cancer causing toxins in your body. This means staying away from chemical cleaning products for your house, toxic beauty and personal care items, polluted water, metal dental fillings, unhealthy junk food, artificial anything, unnecessary medications, industrial machinery and their byproducts, and garden chemicals. Don’t smoke, don’t drink to excess, and eat only healthy food from Mother Nature. Avoid highly processed vegetable oils, GMO foods, and sugar.

Every day we expose ourselves to multiple layers of chemicals and toxins that accumulate in our bodies to the point that our immune system becomes overloaded and severely distressed. Soon, our cells become damaged, then they mutate, and that’s when cancer sets in. Don’t touch cancer causing poisons, don’t eat cancer causing foods, and don’t drink cancer causing liquids.

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