Top 5 Warning Signs That You Need A Detox

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After the holiday period, you’ve probably overindulged on just about everything, but especially the food and the booze, right? This overload of fats, sugars and alcohol can leave you feeling tired and sluggish with mood swings and a lack of motivation, but these are just a few of the signs that your body transmits when it’s in need of a serious detox. In a healthy body, the process of detoxification runs smoothly, but if too many toxins build up in your body at once then it struggles to break them down, allowing them to build up in your tissues and cause these symptoms. Let’s take a look at some of the others and what they mean.


1. Problems with sleeping

Insomnia, restlessness, and other sleep disturbances are a common symptom that your body is need of a detox. This type of symptom can be caused by too much alcohol, a lack of exercise and loading the body up with heavy foods which slows down the digestion. A great way to beat sleep problems is to have a hot bath with some aromatherapy oils and Epsom salts. This not only relaxes the mind and body, but also draws toxins out directly through the skin. It’s also best to avoid drinking alcohol and eating heavy meals right before bedtime to allow your body to effectively cleanse itself through the night.


2. Acne

While acne can be cause by hormonal fluctuations, it can also be brought on through a build-up of nasty stuff in the body which shows itself through your skin. Acne is cause by inflammation, a classic symptom of an overload of toxins in the body, and oxidative stress. High levels of sugar, saturated fats and milk and consumption of other dairy products are all closely linked to acne, so cutting back on these is the first step to relieving this symptom of toxification of the body. A lack of vitamins A and E can also cause acne, so be sure to eat plenty of nuts, seeds, and leafy greens to give your body and skin the helping hand it needs.

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