Top 8 Foods To Keep Your Spirits Up And Your Weight Down Over The Holidays

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There is no question that there is more of an emphasis on tempting foods, decadent desserts, and specialty cocktails over the holiday season. There is also added stress due to the demands of the season and a higher workload with tighter deadlines at the office. During this time of the year many people are already dealing with feelings of melancholy and depression. Stress just becomes their permission slip to overeat and indulge in the merriment of the season (translation: excess food and booze).

Don’t worry, help is on the way. There are foods you can eat that will actually keep your blood sugar levels even out so you are better able to remain calm and not succumb to seasonal bouts of depression. And there are tricks you can implement and foods you can substitute that you will still be able to enjoy but not have to dread facing the scale the next day. Here is the list of top 8!


1. Chocolate

Yes, it’s true, chocolate is good for you. Just make sure that it is dark chocolate and it will help elevate your mood and alleviate any stress and tension you may be experiencing. The sweet treat is made up of an ingredient that mimics serotonin which is the chemical your body releases when you exercise and get that “runner’s high.” It also contains magnesium which provides the real calming effect.


2. Spinach

When you are out shopping and you stop for lunch, you may want to opt for a spinach salad. Spinach is not only an antioxidant but it is brimming with the B vitamin known as folic acid. Treating yourself to this nutritious veggie will help provide you with extra energy and keep you from experiencing mood swings.

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