Top 8 Things that Increase Your Risk of Breast Cancer

French Fries the ultimate Fast Food Snack of the masses

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1.  Nitro-PAHs

These chemicals are mainly found in diesel exhaust, air pollution, tobacco smoke, and charred foods.  The best way to avoid these toxins are to not smoke, not inhale second hand smoke, avoid highly polluted areas as much as possible, and never eat meat ( or other cooked items) that have been “blackened” or charred. Eating charred meat has also been shown to lead to stomach cancer.


2. Flame Retardants

These chemicals are everywhere, not just in children’s sleepwear. You will find flame retardants in polyester, resins, rigid polyurethane foam, and plastic polymers. It’s also in your diet in the way of acrylamides. These chemicals are generally found in French fries, most fried foods cooked at higher temperatures, tobacco smoke, and many of the polyacrylamide gels that are commonly found in diapers.


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3. Ochratoxin

Sometimes this occurs naturally in contaminated nuts, grains, and pork but more often than not, it’s in something we call styrene. Foods that have come into contact with polystyrene, building materials, consumer products such as polystyrene plates and cups, carpets, adhesives, home maintenance products, hobby and craft supplies.


4. Halogenated Organic Solvents

You will find these in hair spray propellants, dry cleaning agents, food processing, soil fumigants, gas additives, as well as spot removers and it can be in some paints. This list also includes ethylene (ETO) and propylene oxide (PO). ETO is a type of gas used to sterilize things such as clothing, food, spices, musical instruments and medical equipment. You will also find it in cigarette smoke and exhaust from cars. PO is also a gas used to sterilize and fumigate. It’s often found in paint and automotive products.

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