Top 8 Things that Increase Your Risk of Breast Cancer

Photo credit: bigstock

Photo credit: bigstock

5. Butadiene

This is in cigarette smoke, the fumes from gasoline, and car exhaust. It’s also found in emissions from industrial factories.


6. Aromatic Amines

This is also in gasoline fumes (which you often smell when you are riding in a car or pumping gas), tobacco smoke, paints, sealers, finishing products, engine fuels, oils, and adhesive removers.  This is also present in many pesticides, dyes, and in polyurethane products.


7.  Endogenous and Pharmaceutical Hormones

This list includes all endocrine disrupting chemicals such as estrogens (birth control pills) progesterone, DES, and all other hormones. Pharmaceuticals that state they are non-hormonal still have hormonal activity.


8. PFO’s and MX

These go by hundreds of names and are often the by-product of drinking water disinfection. PFOA’s are non-stick cookware, stain resistant coating on rugs, clothes, rugs, and furniture. You will also find this in firefighting applications, lubricants, paints, adhesives, and most cosmetics. Read more how to use lemons instead of beauty products.

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