Top 9 Amino Acids that Can Help You Drop Those Extra Pounds

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Photo credit: bigstock

You have probably never imagined that amino acids, vital as they are for the functioning of your body, could help you lose weight but it’s true. There are a total of 20 amino acids, 8 of which are considered to be essential because they cannot be made by the body. Both types of amino acids will keep you young and strong, but on top of that, some of them can kick up your metabolism, and curb that sweet tooth, which should make these your new best friends if you want to lose a few pounds.

Take a look at the top 9 amino acids that can help you lose some weight and what foods you should be eating to get more of them.


1. Tyrosine

This one can help you in several ways. First, this amino acid is responsible for stimulation the release of hormones (catecholamine’s) that will speed up your metabolism, and start your body towards burning fat. Also, if you are taking some of those appetite suppressants, tyrosine can keep you from building a tolerance to them, which might make sticking to your diet a little bit easier. It can also improve the overall effects of appetite suppressants so that you can take smaller doses. Doctors sometimes suggest taking tyrosine supplements along with phenylalanine appetite suppressants, in order to encourage your body to make more catecholamines.


2. Cysteine

This amino acid is super important for dieters because they can literally help stop your appetite within minutes of consuming them. You can get this amino acid in whey protein powder, but you can also find it in eggs, fish, chicken, and yogurt. It’s also in some veggies such as broccoli and peas, along with oats and bananas.


3. L-Methionine

This amino acid is another great one for dieters as it prevents your body from storing fats and can help reverse previous weight gain. This one can also remove unwanted chemicals and other substances from the body, while detoxing the liver. Talk about a winner!


4. L-Arginine

Helping your body become more efficient at burning fat along with other benefits is the job of L-Arginine. This amino acid can lower your cholesterol levels, prevent the aging process, and reduce your overall risk of developing diabetes. Many people take this as a pre-workout supplement because it works so well at helping your body burn fat.


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5. Leucine

This powerful amino acid promotes the development and maintenance of muscle. This is a key amino acid which helps the body burn a lot of calories. A study published in the Journal of Hyperplasia Research showed that this amino acid is vital in retaining muscle mass, which means it helps you burn more calories because muscles use more calories than fat. It also gives you a feeling of satiety, so you should also eat less.

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