Top Foods That Fight Prostate Cancer

Tomato Juice and Fresh Tomatoes with Basil on a Wooden Table

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OK fellas, getting a prostate exam is not enjoyable so most of you put it off as long as possible. But rather than doing that, why not add some prostate friendly foods to your overall diet? With prostate cancer affecting one out of every six men in the US, it’s the number two killer of men worldwide. It’s thought that the Western diet with its high fat, high sugar content is the major contributor to the ever increasing rates of prostate cancer. Although you can’t avoid those exams forever, you can start eating some of the foods that are known to help fight prostate cancer today!


1. Tomatoes

Lycopene, the active ingredient in tomatoes, is a strong antioxidant that has been shown in several studies to offer protection from prostate cancer. In a review of 21 studies it was found that men who ate quite a bit of cooked and raw tomatoes were much less likely to develop cancer of the prostate when compared to men that are little or no tomato products.

Lycopene binds very tightly to our cell walls, so our bodies have a hard time removing it from raw tomatoes, so although it is often recommended that many vegetables are eaten raw, this is one instance where eating cooked tomatoes, such as tomato sauce, sun dried tomatoes, or ketchup, is a better choice.

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