Oregano Oil: One of the Most Powerful Oils on the Planet

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Photo credit: bigstock.com

You might only think of oregano as something you put in your spaghetti sauce or other Italian foods, but oregano is a very powerful herb that has unique and multiple healing properties. Oregano has more than eight times the antioxidants of apples and three times as much as the often touted blueberries. The more antioxidants you put into your body, the better, as antioxidants improve our immune system and fight against free radicals, the little agents of premature aging and disease. This makes oregano and oregano oil one of the most powerful plant based oils in the world.

Oregano has a long history. The Greeks named it oregano, which means “joy of the mountains.” You know anything with a name like that has got to be some good stuff! The Greeks were also the first to use oregano oil for medicinal purposes and Hippocrates often used it in his medical practice.

When searching for oregano oil, you should be aware that not all types of oregano oil are created equal. There are two kinds, Mediterranean oregano and Mexican oregano. Mexican oregano is not as strong and not as sweet. Most people prefer Mediterranean oregano oil, most of which is grown in Spain. Also be sure that the carvacrol concentration of your oil is a minimum of 70 percent. Carvacrol is the active ingredient in oregano oil so you want to be sure you are getting the most of what you are paying for.

Almost everyone would be willing to take just about anything if we thought it would keep us healthy, free from diseases, flu viruses, and other types of illnesses. There are plenty of internet sites selling all kinds of “cure all’s” but oregano oil just might be the wave of the future when it comes to a one size fits all cure all. Take a look at all the benefits and the healing power of oregano oil.

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  1. rick

    Feb 11, 2015 at 2:30 pm

    What is NOT mention, which is SERIOUS, is that this oil will burn burn burn… and I can’t imagine taking it internally even WITH a carrier. OBVIOUSLY more research should be done by anyone interested in this oil…. this is just tip of the iceberg…. BESIDES, taking an herb or essential oil or drug or ? is removing the SYMPTOM… without addressing the original CAUSE of the “problem”…. address THAT issue & then we are onto real health

  2. frank

    Nov 25, 2017 at 1:22 am

    My psoriasis was caused by a fungal infection aggravated by a life event stressor and an unbalanced immune system. Oregano oil was one of a few that yes, indeed, helped clear up the fungal infection and therefore, the psoriasis. I also took it internally every night; just 3gtts with 10gtts of CBD under the tongue. Held it as long as possible. It only “burned” after I swallowed. A bit of liquid helped there. Took care of the candida in my blood, too.

  3. Oregano Essential

    Apr 10, 2018 at 6:52 am

    My Moms Cocker Spaniel has suffered from bacterial infections for 3 years. After many vet visits and prescription pills, it only came back with a vengeance after her immune system was depleted from those chemicals. She lost all of her hair on her chest, armpits, belly and genital area. The area between her toes had yeasty buildup. Especially sad is that the top of her nose was dried out and crusted over because the infection was also in her saliva so every time she would lick her nose some of that bad bacteria was transferred to it and she constantly rubbed it on the ground and I could tell it was just so uncomfortable. She had a bad smell and buildup in her ears also, even after trying vinegar washes and many over the counter ear cleansing solutions.

    I referred my mom to use oregano oil. It took her some time before she finally gave it a try. After 4 topical applications of oregano oil mixed with coconut oil (4 drops per 8 tsp coconut oil) , literally 4, over 2 days, her nose is almost completely healed, she has all but stopped scratching, her toes are dry and all of her dry skin is baby soft!! she became speechless as to how fast this has worked, and the oil will last a very long time. She applied it liberally to any problem areas and she has licked it off her nose every time she applied it with no adverse reactions. Even better is that her dogs personality is returning and her appetite too. She is so excited to keep up this regimen and encourage anyone with a dog that has any skin issues to research this and give it a try.