Oregano Oil: One of the Most Powerful Oils on the Planet

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1.  Super Antibacterial and Antifungal

Thymol and the aforementioned carvacrol are the two main phytochemicals found in oregano. These are both powerful antimicrobials. Research shows that oregano oil can even kill the superbug MRSA, and the foodborne pathogen Listeria4. Some studies show that oregano oil can also fight certain species of the fungus Candida.


2. Anti-Viral Compounds

Oregano oil is a great way to fight upper respiratory infections such as the ones from the cold or flu. It’s a potent anti-viral and making a spray that has essential oils from oregano can significantly relieve the symptoms of respiratory problems almost immediately. Oregano also encourages sweating, which is a terrific means of detox, so eating some oregano or oregano oil might also help you expel excess mucus from your lungs. Read more about top 10 natural anti-viral compounds.


3.  Cancer Fighter

Oregano oil has been shown to kill cancer cells and stop the growth of colon cancer cells. Carnosol is a phytochemical in oregano, and it has been tested and evaluated for its cancer fighting abilities with skin, breast, prostate, colon cancer, as well as leukemia.


4.  Natural Insect Repellent

Oregano oil is simply loaded with tons of healthy compounds, and one of them, carvacrol is also a natural insect repellent. You will also find carvacrol in thyme and mint. Put a few drops of oregano oil on your patio furniture and in some candles to repel insects naturally. You can also make a spray with some water and oregano oil and use it on your skin as a natural bug repellent.


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5.  Supports Health Skin

Oregano oil is terrific for common skin issues such as muscle aches, toenail fungus, dandruff, joint pain, and cold sores. Since it is so very strong, you should dilute it with a carrier oil such as grapeseed, jojoba, sweet almond, or olive oil. Use one ounce of a good quality carrier oil and 12 drops of oregano oil. Some people claim that oregano oil can effectively treat psoriasis, however there is no published research on this subject as of this time.

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