Top Habits of Super Healthy People

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4. They Get Their Z’s

Super healthy people know that a good night’s rest is just as important as diet and exercise. Find out dangers of sleep deprivation. They know that your immune system, memory, energy levels, and balanced hormones all rely on a good night’s sleep. Super healthy people don’t feel guilty about getting their z’s. They know they are taking care of themselves, and it shows!


5. They Know When to Relax

Besides their sleep, super healthy people respect the fact that their mind and body’s need to relax sometimes. Relaxing is like a reboot for your body and mind. If you are constantly thinking and moving on to the next thing, you will absolutely wear yourself to a frazzle. Sitting back and taking a break when you need it allows you to think about things and see things from another perspective. Some of the best ideas come to people when they are relaxing and not really seeking answers. It’s funny how that works, but it’s true.


6. They Look After Their Health

It’s really easy to neglect the healthy habits that keep us feeling good, but healthy people know that they have to prioritize their health if they want to keep it. That’s why you sometimes find that they prefer to play sports or meet with their walking group, rather than have drinks. They choose to drink water instead of sodas, they choose to eat the lunch they made, rather than go out for pizza with co-workers. This doesn’t mean that they are sticks-in-the-mud, they simply want to look after themselves and they aren’t ashamed to do so.


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7. They Practice Moderation

As with anything else in life, too much or too little of just about anything is not good. Mother Nature works in perfect balance and super healthy people try to do the same. They know they shouldn’t work out every day, they sometimes enjoy a piece of birthday cake, and they occasionally stay out too late at a party. But they always go right back into their healthy routine after they take a break. They know the secret rule of life: Everything in moderation, including moderation.

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