Top Reasons You Should Be Eating More Oatmeal

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. Lowers Cholesterol

High fiber foods are known to lower cholesterol levels and oatmeal is right up there as one of the highest fiber foods around. Oatmeal has soluble fiber which helps to reduce how much cholesterol your body can absorb from foods. Lower levels of cholesterol means that you will have a lower risk of stroke, heart attack, and heart disease. Read more how to reduce cholesterol level.


6.  Lowers Your Risk of Cancer

The British Medical Journal published a review in 2011 that showed that, for those who consumed 90 grams of fiber via whole grains, like oatmeal, had a 20 percent lower risk of colorectal cancer than those who didn’t. Eating more high-fiber, whole grain foods is good news for those of us looking to avoid cancer.  (And who isn’t?!)


7. It’s Cheap!

On top of all these health benefits, oatmeal is super inexpensive! You can buy a really big container of rolled oats for less than 4 bucks in most areas. Most people find oatmeal runs about 20 cents per serving! Where can you get this much nutrition for so little money? Find out more super cheap and super healthy foods.


Super Bonus – Oatmeal need never be boring.

There is almost no end to the ways you can make tasty, interesting dishes with oatmeal. Top it with a fried egg and bake it with some avocado. Or try making an oatmeal and carrot cake. You can add toasted coconut to it, Nutella, fruit, almond butter, nuts, a little vanilla extract, cinnamon, chia seeds, or jam.


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