Top Tips On Maintaining Wellbeing Throughout The Winter

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3. Making waking up easier

Dark winter mornings make it hard for even the most motivated among us to climb out of bed. The lack of sunlight means that our brains still think we should be asleep leaving us feeling tired, groggy and generally miserable. Get rid of your traditional alarm clock and opt for a wake-up light alarm clock on your bedside table instead. These produce a natural light which gradually gets brighter, encouraging your body to produce more cortisol to beat those winter morning blues.


4. Get yourself some vitamin D

The lack of daylight hours during the winter months means that many of us are at risk of becoming vitamin D deficient. This in turn can cause a number of issues, but in particular Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD for short. Also known as winter depression, this disorder begins as the days get shorter and causes a persistent low mood, irritability and a difficulty in waking up in the mornings among others. Going outside as much as possible will top up your vitamin D levels, while getting you active and increasing circulation. These are all things which can help fight SAD and other winter related disorders.


5. Quit smoking

Winter is most definitely the best time to kick the habit once and for all, because after all, who wants to leave the nice, warm indoors to go out and freeze just for a cigarette?! Beyond the obvious discomfort, smoking cigarettes during the winter puts you at a much higher risk of developing respiratory tract infections which tend to strike in winter.

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