Treat Your Anxiety And Depression With Natural Herbs And Spices

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7. Cinnamon

This fragrant spice is sweet and delicious on breakfast cereals as well as in hot tea. The type known as Ceylon cinnamon was proven to be effective in treating people who suffered from depression. It has also been an effective treatment in reducing Type 2 diabetes. Enjoy a cup of cinnamon tea with a little bit of honey the next time you are feeling tense or depressed.


8. Nutmeg

Nutmeg plants are found in abundance in Grenada. The fragrant spices have been through a gamut of tests and found to eliminate anxiety without any side effects like the prescription medications did. It also effectively dealt with depression naturally so recipients didn’t have to worry about unhealthy side effects.


9. Lemon Balm

This fragrant herb is able to provide a relaxing and calm feeling to those who suffer from anxiety. It helps with tension and a feeling of restlessness and works quickly when consumed as an herbal tea. You can consume this beverage a couple of times a day to get yourself under control and calm enough to face the day.

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