Treat Your Anxiety And Depression With Natural Herbs And Spices

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10. Vervain

The best way to use these flowering plants is to let them dry out then used them in an herbal tea. These herbs have been shown to change a depressed mood into a calm attitude, eliminate stress and tension, and calm down the nervous system.


11. Hawthorne Berries

Hawthorne berries grow on trees. The berries can be used to create an herbal tea and are able to help those who are depressed and feel anxious become calm and relaxed without the aid of prescription medication. You can buy these berries at a health food store if you are not in a place where the trees grow in abundance.


12. Passionflower

The best way to handle the flowers and leaves of the passionflower plant are to dry them out. You can also eat the fruit of the plant if you wish. You can add the pulp or the seeds to your salads, desserts, or fruit drinks. They have been found to leave the recipient relaxed and calm. They effectively treat depression and anxiety.

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