How To Wake Up Without Coffee

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Every morning millions of Americans, and countless more around the world, wake up to a strong cup of steaming coffee to get invigorated for the day. It seems that people can only get up and get going once the first shot of caffeine begins to kick in. However, many people wonder how to wake up without coffee.

So for those who want to cut down on their caffeine consumption, or folks who just don’t like the taste of coffee, there are other ways to energize and kick-start your day.

Coffee is nice, and even though it may light up your life at the beginning of each day, you may not need it quite as badly as you think.


Some easy ways to help yourself wake up without coffee

  • The body’s inner clock is programmed to use light to establish whether it is time to wake or sleep. Your energy levels will rise if you get some sunlight early in the morning.
  • Having a drink of ice-cold water as soon as you wake up will fight off the symptoms of sleepiness that make you want to stay in bed.
  • A glass of fruit juice will give you a sugar boost, make you more alert, and help you get going.
  • Early morning exercise will increase blood flow and send oxygen power to your brain.
  • Try to eat breakfast, especially if you feel hungry in the morning. A simple breakfast, containing some carbs and protein, will give you energy to start the day well.

Each of these tips will help on their own, but it will be even more helpful if you can combine some of them.

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