Want A Bigger Butt? First, Let’s Talk About What Not To Do!


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In hopes of getting the “perfect” body, women are willing to do many things to themselves including diet to the extreme, dye their hair, wax unwanted hair, use corsets, and perform liposuction. However, a new trend appears to be in the making and it is not a good one. Hoping to achieve a bigger booty, some women are going for illegal silicone injections. These injections cause everything from the hardening of tissue, pain, infections, breathing issues, and life threatening blood clots, just to name a few.

Although it is hard to say whether the amount of women who are getting these injections are on the rise, but doctors are stating that they have definitely seen an increase in the number of patients who have had this procedure done.

In November of 2015, a 34-year-old female from Maryland received these illegal injections after traveling to New York and later died.

One woman was hospitalized 25 times after having these injections. Sophelay Ouk is currently undergoing treatment to finally have her silicon removed. Dr. Mir, a plastic surgeon at Lenox Hill Hospital, estimates that he has seen at least a dozen patients in the past two and a half years. Dr. Mir is treating Ms. Ouk and he states emphatically that these illegal procedures are dangerous and can even be deadly.

Most injections are done by non-licensed practitioners and patients don’t know what is actually being injected into their bodies. They only know what they are being told. It’s certainly not medical-grade silicone! This could be anything including silicone that is purchased at a hardware store and isn’t sterile. In fact, there have been reports of women being injected with mineral oil, baby oil, tire sealant and, in at least one case, cement! One unlicensed practitioner was sent to jail in 2011 for injecting women with a combination of tire sealant and cement!

Even if actual silicone was used, it can cause serious problems if not used properly. Silicone can stay within the fatty tissues of the body but unfortunately, it also travels into the veins, which spreads to the other parts of the body. This causes blood clots. Blood clots can cause the loss of limbs and even heart attacks or strokes.

Your immune system can also become seriously compromised if you should get an infection because your immune system is busy fighting the foreign material in the butt. Dr. Mir says that his patient, Ms. Ouk, has experienced a blockage in her lungs and several major infections.

Although not everyone has life-threatening symptoms, there are plenty of other, more common symptoms such as skin changes, scar tissue, extreme hardening of the skin, pain, burning, itching, and swelling of the area. If the blood supply to the skin is interrupted, it can cause the skin tissue to die off, which will require skin grafts later on.

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