Want to Do More than Meatless Mondays? Go Vegan in 5 Easy Steps!

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Photo credit: bigstock.com

Have you been practicing the Meatless Monday program and find that you like it so much you’ve been doing it again on Wednesdays or Fridays? Perhaps it’s time for you to think about taking the big step and just going vegetarian or vegan all the way.

Now, this article isn’t here to convince you to go vegan. If you are interested you can check out vegansociety.com, or read a book called The China Study by T. Colin Campbell, or watch Forks Over Knives. Those are good places to start to get some reliable information.

In this article we simply want to address how you can accomplish the transition from eating meat to being vegetarian, or going all out vegan, as easily as possible.  This is a big change in your life and it can be much more difficult than you think. Many people fail to become vegetarians because they think that it’s as simple as cutting meat out of your diet. However, that is the same kind of thinking that keeps many people from quitting smoking. Habits that you have acquired and practiced for years (and you have most likely been eating meat since you were a baby) are rarely easy to simply drop like a set of keys. For most people, it takes a bit of planning and strategy.

So if you would like to make every day Meatless Monday, keep reading about how you can do so successfully in 5 easy steps.


1. Be Aware

Because we live such busy lives, we often do many things on a sort of autopilot. We don’t really pay attention to how the food we eat makes us feel, or, many times, what we are even eating. Can you remember what you had for breakfast yesterday? Probably not. So, to begin with, start by keeping a food journal for about 2 weeks. It doesn’t have to be complicated, just write down what you ate for eat meal and then how you felt in general during the day, your energy levels, and how many hours of sleep you got, or if you couldn’t sleep, why you thought you couldn’t.

These things will really give you an idea about how food affects our everyday lives. For example, you might start realizing that every time you eat at a fast food joint you get a terrible headache or you simply have no energy a few hours afterwards, or maybe you will find that whenever you eat dairy, you have episodes of insomnia. Once you are aware of how food is affecting you, you will be prepared to make changes so that you can make better choices and feel better.

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