Was a Cure For Cancer Found in 1951?

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While working for her government trying to make solid oil in to a softer version (what we now call margarine) she discovered that trans-fats were detrimental to the human body. She also discovered how to cure many diseases that plague humans, such as cardiovascular issues, dysfunctions of the liver, diabetes, and cancer.

Johanna found that cancer cells are nothing more than regular cells that did not get the nutrients they needed at a molecular level and, therefore, did not mature properly. She also found that the red blood cells from cancer patients did not have a fatty layer, as they should. From these discoveries Johanna developed a cure that had a 90 percent success rate. It’s important to note that almost all of her test subjects had stage 4 cancers that had advanced cancer even after radiation and surgery.  It’s not hard to wonder if she would have had a 100 percent success rate if she had tried her protocol on those in the early stages of cancer.

When our bodies do not properly metabolize fats, every organ and every function that is vital to our lives is affected, including the generation of new cells. We make over 500 million new cells in our bodies every single day! Johanna showed that when the body grows new cells, there was a polarity between the electrically positive nucleus of a cell and the negative membrane of the cell that has high levels of unsaturated fatty acids. When a cell divides the new cell must have enough electron rich fatty acid in order to divide completely from the old cell. If this process does not complete itself, then the body starts to die, cell by cell. Johanna believed that modern day processed fats and oils were shutting down the electrical field of these cells, which was what caused disease. She believed this entire process could be reversed by eating simple, natural foods, along with low fat cottage cheese and flax seed, which would naturally reverse stagnated growth process and allow tumors to simply dissolve.

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  1. Sandy

    Dec 25, 2014 at 1:23 am

    There have been numerous discoveries since 1900 and numerous persons driven out of America or driven mad or into extreme debt through lawsuits. Google AMA and its dark history.

    Cancer is a protected disease whose symptoms are treatable with extremely expensive ‘miracle’ drugs. Or perhaps easily cured. The “perhaps” is solely due to governmental and American Medical Association machinations.

    The people are pawns and many dollars are being collected.

  2. Brian Brandt

    Jan 20, 2015 at 12:03 am

    low fat cottage cheese and flax oil cure 90% of stage 4 cancer???
    You just killed a bunch of people!!