What is Dry Skin Brushing and Why You Should be Doing It!

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Most people pay close attention to the skin on their face, taking the time to exfoliate, shave, cleansing, moisturizing, noticing every little detail, every pimple, wrinkle, or dark spot.

But how many of us take the time to look at or do more than slap a bit of moisturizer on the rest of our body? When you think of it, it’s strange to give so much attention to just one part of our skin; after all, it is our largest organ. Shouldn’t we be giving it as much attention as we do to the skin on our face and the other organs in our body?

There is one simple step you can take that will not only greatly improve the appearance of your skin, but is beneficial to your entire body: Dry skin brushing.

Your skin is more than just a covering; it’s a complex system of glands, nerves, and layers of cells that serve as a type of protective coating that will cushion your body from dangerous chemicals, parasites, and temperature extremes.

Your skin is also vital when it comes to detoxification. When your skin is clogged with dead skin cells or loaded up with other toxins, it cannot remove toxins from your body. Your skin makes antibacterial compounds that help to protect your from infection. It also turns sunlight into vitamin D that is vital to your health and helps to protect us from even more diseases, including cancer. Your skin is one of the most sensitive messengers in your body, sending signals to your brain that let it know if you are cold, hot, in pain, touching something you need to move away from, or something you should get closer to.

Most people never think of their skin in these terms, they only think of it as a type of bodysuit that you can’t remove so you need to wash it and sometimes moisturize it. Sound familiar?

Now that you know all the things that your wonderful skin is doing for you day in and day out, doesn’t it make sense to give it more than just a pass with the washrag?

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