Make Your Own Aging Hippie Healing Salve

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The ability to make beauty and personal care type items from natural herbs, flowers, and garden vegetables, goes back to at least the ancient Egyptian. They tell of stories in which women anointed their bodies with perfumed oils, made by heating and steeping flowers and herbs, such as jasmine and rosemary, in olive oil, safflower oil, and almond oil. The ancient Greeks were the ones who came up with the first cold cream and they believed that herbal cosmetics would not only make you smell better, but feel better as a result.

The always pleasure seeking Romans loved their fragrant baths and steam rooms and spent a great deal of time soaking in flower and oil scented waters. During the miserable Middle Ages, perfumes of violets and jasmine were created to help cheer people up and it was found that adding honey to chamomile tea could help to improve a person’s complexion.

You might remember your grandmother or great-grandmother saving flowers, leaves, and roots and storing them in the cellar. During the winter months, she would pull out some of those dried summer flowers and make a tea or syrup for you when you had a cold or a nasty cough. Perhaps she made her own shampoo or special cream to lighten age spots.

You can continue this tradition and create your own herbal shampoos, facials, moisturizers, body oils, perfumes, lotions, and hair rinses from your own garden or from wild plants you can harvest from meadows and forests. Doing so takes no more time than it would to cook breakfast and not only will know exactly what is in the product you are using, you can save a small fortune and perhaps even have a little fun while doing it.

There are numerous recipes online that can tell you which herbs and flowers are best for certain problems such as dry skin or itchy scalp, but this article is going to tell you how you can make your own antiseptic herbal salve that is loaded with valuable germ killing compounds that is sure to help all of those who feel as if we have a little bit of hippie in our soul. Since the hippie era went by the wayside about 40 years ago, we are going to christen this ointment “Aging Hippie Healing Salve,” but you don’t need to be an old hippie to appreciate this ointment.

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