Make Your Own Bronzing Moroccan Oil Lotion Bar

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Right now it’s all about Moroccan oil, isn’t it? Just walk down the beauty aisle of any super market, drug store, or home improvement store…well, OK, maybe not there, but that’s about the only place you won’t find Moroccan oil shampoo, body lotion, face lotion, tanning lotion, or hair conditioner. There is no argument that Moroccan oil is super hydrating, but because it’s so popular right now, it’s also super expensive.

If you are one of the many people on this planet with dry skin, you know what a job it is to keep it soft and well-hydrated, especially during the winter months. You’ve probably wanted to buy some of those Moroccan oil lotions, but maybe the price held you back or you didn’t want to pay an arm to find out whether or not this would really work on the dry skin on your legs.

Well, you don’t have to wait or wonder any longer. We are going to show you how to make your own Moroccan oil lotion bars. Start saving your empty stick deodorant containers, as these bars work perfectly inside one of these containers. You can tuck one in your purse or keep one by your bedside, you can even stick one in your office desk drawer and have the luxury of applying Moroccan oil to your skin anytime you like.

You will love making this yourself. In fact, you will love making them so much that you will find yourself giving them out to friends and family, so be sure you make extra ones for them. They are super easy, with only 3 basic ingredients. You can put these in silicon molds as well, to make your Moroccan lotion bar into pretty or cute little shapes, but for easy dispensing, you can’t beat those deodorant containers.

If you would like to give these out as gifts, you can find pretty containers online or simply glue a bit of cloth over the deodorant container and tie a piece of twine around it for a cute look.

These also work well for men but you might want to omit the bronze powder (most men aren’t thrilled about the shimmer, unless they are big Twilight fans). You can also change the type of essential oils you use to make it smell a bit more “manly”, such as using cedar wood, patchouli, or sandalwood.


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OK, without further delay, here is the recipe for heavenly smelling Moroccan oil lotion bars with some bronzing mica dust (which is optional) for color and shimmer if you so desire.

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