What is Dry Skin Brushing and Why You Should be Doing It!

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Photo credit: bigstock.com

One of the main benefits to brushing your skin is that it will stimulate the lymph system. This means that your lymph system will begin to move fluid throughout your body, removing toxins and keeping your immune system strong.

Once you start dry brushing your skin regularly, you are going to find some amazing things happen. You will dramatically cut down on your cellulite. After all, cellulite is a collection of fat and toxins in the blood under the skin surface. Dry brushing will also remove dead skin cells and make your overall skin tone brighter and clearer. Find out other natural ways to get rid of cellulite.

To begin with, you will need to purchase a high quality dry skin brush. Look for one with bristles that are made from natural materials, such as a loofah. You should also buy one with a fairly long handle so that you can reach your entire back. Most brushes are less than $20.

For best results, you should brush your skin each day. Most people do it just before they jump in the shower. Or you could do it after your workout but before you shower. Once you make it a habit, you will never again feel truly clean unless you brush your skin beforehand.

When you brush, always remember to brush towards your heart. Don’t forget all those often neglected areas such as the soles of your feet and your underarms.

Start with your feet and brush them upwards, towards your heart. Move on to your legs, your torso, your arms, then down from your neck and chest, and your back. Avoid your face unless you have a special brush for this delicate area. Avoid any areas that have cuts, abrasions, or rashes.

Be careful that you don’t brush too hard. You aren’t looking to “scrub” your skin, but brush it. Like the hair on your head, brush your skin so that it feels tingly, but not so that it feels sore. Your skin should be a bit pink when you are done, but not red or irritated. You can brush your skin as long as it’s comfortable for you, whether that be 2 minutes or 20 minutes. As long as your skin isn’t irritated, feel free to brush away!

If your skin is red or sore after you brush it, you are doing it too hard. Wait a few days until your skin has returned to normal before you try again.

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