When Life Gives You Lemons, Make… Deodorant?!

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Photo credit: bigstock.com

6. Coconut oil

Coconut oil is an easy choice for a natural deodorant. Its antibacterial qualities mean that it kills bacteria, yeast, and fungus. A number of women who decided to try the coconut oil experiment were so happy with the outcome, they have been using coconut oil as her deodorant ever since.


7. Hand sanitizer

Using hand sanitizer as a substitute for deodorant is something that should be saved for a last-minute emergency situation. While the antibacterial sanitizer can safely kill bacteria, it may prevent you from smelling bad in case you left your house in the morning and forgot to apply your regular deodorant. Simply rub a small amount of sanitizer under your arms, and it will quickly resolve your problem of not having applied any deodorant. As with most hand sanitizers, you will smell nothing but the alcohol in the product at first. This smell will dissipate within a few minutes, and the rest of the time you will be safe from exhibiting any offensive body odor.


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8. Natural or make-your-own deodorants

There are several companies that specialize in natural products. You can find natural deodorants from the following companies: Trader Joe’s, Burt’s Bees, Kiss My Face, Schmidt’s, and Nourish Organic Deodorant. If you prefer to try making your own, there are several recipes that don’t require a lot of ingredients. An Internet search for natural deodorants will yield enough for you to try out until you find one you like and that works for you.

If you are concerned about what is in your regular deodorant or antiperspirant, check out some of the alternatives listed above. You may be pleasantly surprised by the results. If you would like something effective but just as convenient as your current brand, try some of the natural selections also included in this article.





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