Which Is The Best Way To Lose Weight: Fasting Or Traditional Weight Loss?

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3. The Warrior Diet

The Warrior Diet – for dieters who like structure. This plan is a little more lenient. You fast for about 20 hours each day then you eat one big meal each night. The good part is that you can still eat a few things during the fasting portion of the day. You can consume some small servings of veggies or fruits in their raw form, some protein, and fresh juice.


4. Fat Loss Forever 

Fat Loss Forever – for people who go to the gym all the time and just want a cheat day here and there. You fast for 36 hours each week then have a cheat day every week. The fasting times are broken up. Of course, everyone always looks forward to the cheat day.


5. UpDayDownDay 

UpDayDownDay – for those who have gone on many diets and are serious about finally reaching their goal weight. This is the Alternate-Day Diet so you eat regularly on one day and very little on the next. One day you consume 2,000 to 2,500 calories then the next day you eat around 400 – 500 calories. You can make it easier for yourself by utilizing protein shakes on your fasting days.

Once you have figured out if and which type of fasting program you want to start, you need to decide on which regular diet you are going to follow on the days when you are not fasting. Do you want to follow a low-calorie diet, a low carbohydrate diet, or a vegan program?

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