Which Water is the Best for Detox Programs?

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Rain Water, Spring Water, and Well Water

Although all of these sound like great options, the problem is the actual purity of these choices depends on the environment. If you collect rainwater, spring water, or well water, get it tested first. In fact, depending on where you live, you might want to think about getting this water tested at least once a year. Also, whatever you are using to collect this water, you should be certain the container is very, very clean. If tests show this water is pure, consider yourself blessed.


Filtered Water

Recent tests show that many of these water filters remove some impurities but not all. Check out online recommendations and test results. Almost none of these filtering systems remove fluoride. Do your research first before you decide to buy any filtration system to be sure you are getting the best possible filter.


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Reverse Osmosis Water

Reverse osmosis uses pressure to force water through smaller and smaller filters, which separates particles from the water itself. Some people state that these filters contribute to Candida. That has yet to be proven, but it is known that these filters need replacing every so often and many people neglect their systems once they are installed. Reverse osmosis water also do not remove some toxins, such as fluoride, from the water.

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